It’s a Love Story

A Tale of Two Fiber Packets

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Main Video Story Peanut Butter Dating Profile

Peanut Butter Peanut Butter (M)

Meet Peanut Butter Fiber Packet! He’s a proud plant dad that enjoys the simple things in life. He’s ready for more than just adventures, he’s ready for love! But will he find it in time for Valentine’s Day?

Grape Dating Profile

Grape Grape (F)

Another dating profile was just uploaded! This is Grape Fiber Packet who’s always down for some fun adventures. Although she is a career-driven kind-of-gal, she is ready to find her perfect someone.

His Dating Experience
His Icon

His Date

Peanut Butter finally found a match! Unfortunately, she never showed up. And she deleted her profile just minutes after their date was supposed to start. Looks like he didn’t meet his match, or anyone.

Her Dating Experience
Her Icon

Her Date

Grape matched with Sour Apple but he was a terrible date! Sour Apple paid more attention to his phone than her! Online dating can really make a girl lose hope.

Love at Last

Just when all hope was lost, Peanut Butter and Grape found each other.
Sparks flew and it was love at last.

Main Video Story
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To be continued…

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